Black Rabbit Redux and Projectorial Musings

May 10th, 2019

Stuck between heaven and hell.

Previously, in this arc:

Battle Moon Wars SDK
Galaxy Angel/Moonlit Lovers SDK
Daibanchou – Big Bang Age SDK
Eternal Lovers SDK
Kamidori SDK
Duel Savior/Xross Scramble SDK
Bumper Baby Banchou SDK
Seinarukana/Romanesque Helper Scripts
Bunny Black 1 SDK

Bunny Black 2 Scripts and Tools

There's not actually too much to talk about here. The format is virtually identical to Bunny Black 1 in most ways. The big changes (and improvements) were mostly to remove all the obnoxious chaff. Gone are the unlocking minigame, the job systems, the skill growth weirdness, so on and so forth. Everything is streamlined. The interface doesn't look like crap. Units are controllable in battle. One big ol' dungeon to go through instead of being dumped into random maps to clean up random grafitti off random walls, or go on a random square hunt. And a bunch of haughty angels, the funnest kind of girl.


Anyway, scripts look the same as Bunny Black 1.

<sprite "ta46a000.agf" 4 4 12>
<name "Dorothy" "!KB0004">
"Uh… Are we going to fight?"
<name "Darx">
"Please no.
 Pretend you didn't see me."
<sprite "ta46a003.agf" 4 4 12>
<name "Dorothy" "!KB0005">
"Hahaha… That's my line.
 I really don't want to fight you anymore."

Gameplay definition files look the same as Bunny Black 1.

//entry 60 ———————–
Aggressive Ally
A Celestial beast girl.|She prefers to work|on her own, but where|there's a battle,|you'll always find a|pack.
Aggressive Ally|Row Attack up

Same things to look out for. Probably the same problems if you don't make sure that all the criss-crossing IDs match once translated. Something I did forget to mention (I'll go back and add it to the previous post), is that the exe editing tool for the strings is kind of terrible. Besides needing to index every string yourself, if a string appears multiple times, it may need special handling, which is why a few are have a special tag attached. Which do though? That's something that I needed to figure out by guess and check.


That more or less technically brings us to our conclusion of this series of posts. I say more or less because there Prism Ark's partial stuff was never and still isn't in any functional form (and I shared what I do have long ago), and while there are certainly ways to weasel around various legal agreements on things for scripts of Romanesque, Seinarukana, and Baldr Sky, but they're not worth the potential headache right now. The most significant thing I've worked on since my last attempt at Prism Ark was a minor enhancement/bug fix for a randomizer mod… which I gave up on partway because ASM hacking is like pulling teeth out through the eye socket. I do lament that there isn't an FF6 open world randomizer in the vein of FF4's Free Enterprise since it was my first early true RPG love, and I imagine all the spectacle battles in it would be hilarious shuffled around, but refer back to the ASM eye-teeth remark for why I'll content myself to daydreaming about it during dull meetings and boring episodes, of which there are plenty of both.

There's nothing else on my plate right now but keeping on keeping on. I briefly considered working on Gracesta… until its actual release, and especially the patches failing to fix any of the drastic balance issues scuttled any real enthusiasm for it. I have put out some feelers regarding another one of my young loves, Tales of Destiny DC, the PS2 total remake of the PSX version. It had a project previously, but apparently the head of it got hired by Namco and instantly went on one of those "fan translations are the devil itself" kicks that have become the rage in the industry lately, and nuked everything. Much of it does already have at least some translation done (but at a glance, it definitely needs a second pass), but from the hacker-type I've talked to, there are significant issues just getting the text out at all, let alone being able to translate and reinsert it. Cleaning up and reviewing a partial translation of a gorgeous pixel art remake of a game I wasted dozens of hours of my youth playing with friends would certainly be a low impact and fun translation project if anybody actually has the chops to get into the insides of it, but I don't, and the people I've spoken to so far have been a bit stymied though.

Drop me a line if you know a way inside that labyrinth though. Or have some other low-key thing that I might be interested in. I liked having something to work on, as long as it is bereft of all the crap that the people I worked with previously subjected me to on a daily basis.

In more anime/blog-related rambling, I'll attempt to hit up that Kabaneri movie tomorrow since my brain has more or less blanked the godawful second half of that series and I more vividly remember the stronger start, so there's at least some warm feeling there, but it could just be gas. I do want to try to post at least once or twice about something during the DEAD ZONE in the middle of the week for this season, although I'm not yet sure what. I'm feeling hopeful at the moment that I can stick to that. We'll see if that lasts.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ark noir says:

    *aroduc delete this post if it’s breaking blog rules plz’

    I’ve just been playing epic seven for a mess around. game is real good and free on android and iphone. try it.

    • Aroduc says:

      I have looked at it, and am impressed by the graphics, but I have a real aversion to gacha/gambling systems. It's kind of depressing that that seems to be where a lot of the fast-paced gorgeous sprite RPGs have ended up these days.

  • faiwfjawi says:
    I’m guessing you’ve already come across this and they are of no use? Sorry for being unhelpful, figured I’d just throw it out there just in case it might help in any way. I’m still hoping Eushully or whoever put out a game good enough to bring you out of your translation slumber. The output for gameplay eroge without you around is sadly almost nonexistent. Was there any official word on why you decided to not do BB3? If it was engine related, maybe you can make a blog post about it or something during your deadzone. But if you simply didn’t care for it then I guess there’s not much to be done there.

    • Aroduc says:

      Those tools unfortunately just unpack the initial packaging. The script inside it is less a script and (assuming I understand what I was told correctly) more an encrypted cipher that maps to a graphical file. The hiragana/kana part of that mapping is easy, but the kanji font file(s) are edited down and highly compressed (ie not just a full kanji table), and it’s hard to tell where it’s using (or maybe pulling?) that data, so even if a manual mapping was made, which would be an arduous task in and of itself, it’s not clear to the people I’ve talked to how you’d then be able to edit things to get them back into the game.

      As for Bunny Black 3, I was originally planning on it before all the BS happened, but I have no particular love for it, and the tools are insufficient. I believe someone hacked the script tooling to not break things, and some of the text output functions to display English correctly, but that still leaves the exe being broken, not to mention whatever other text output problems there inevitably are.