The Grandson’s Magi #02 — Black and White

April 17th, 2019


Everyone in this show is an imbecile.


Wednesday is void of things to watch, but I have my doubts I'd be able to survive this. I was really hoping we'd be ramping up the weirdness and comedy… kind of go in a Macademy direction, but I should probably just watch Macademy again. It strikes me even moreso as something that was born from imitating all the Zero no Tsukaima clones from half a decade ago with its conceits towards modern age being random comments about how chuunibyou fourteen sick spell chants and posing are. The godawful corny wannabe rapist antagonist isn't helping matters either. He shows up for about three minutes total in the episode and never stops throwing an impotent tantrum. Yet this is our antagonist for the opening arc, apparently.

And then we get to the second half. Sicily, the blue brainless bimbo, goes to super protagonist to ask him for his personal help because she knows he's strong. Then they turn that around and say "Yeah, but she's just trying to get him to help her because she knows you're strong." With that deception revealed, she breaks down in tears, thus proving that she's worthy… because he's strong. It's not even clear what he did with their clothes, or why it's so super special amazing. Seems like the kind of thing you'd want to show off. But no. Literally all that 'testing' was whether or not she was worthy of having him wave his hand over her clothes and bestow upon her protagonist protection power. If she wasn't worthy, they were just going to let her be assaulted and raped by a lunatic, I guess. Light novel logic. 

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fede says:

    It will be a show cliche and stupid however I prefer this show cliche and stupid instead to continue seeing the pedophile of the shield and its victimization that only makes it more foolish.

  • anise_punter says:

    Aroduc doing that thing where once every season or so he reminds me that macademy exists and ensuring i have hapxier-fueled nightmares.

    Is this an actual comedy that may or may not succeed at its job or is it just one of those bad harem LNs where you laugh at things they don’t necessarily intend for you to laugh at?

  • NeclordX says:

    Even Tate no yuusha that is an aberration is a masterpiece compared to this. They expended one entire episode just to say his enchantments are god tier and the worst part is that they didn’t even explain what’s so special about it. To me it seems he just replaced “defense” in magic language with “absolute defense” in Japanese? BRILLANT! No one else in the story of magic of putting the Word absolute before defense to improve the enchantment.

    • Fluffums says:

      I made it that far into the web novel. Apparently you can only fit so many written characters into magic enchantment, and kanji is more condensed than this world’s language.

      But if they didn’t even take the one sentence to explain that much, the writing for the anime must be even worse than the web novel, and that’s a horrifying thought.