The Grandmagi’s Son #03 — Motormouth

April 24th, 2019


Did they really think that looked cool or menacing?


Since I've already punted on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, I would really prefer to stick with something on Wednesday or Thursday, but neither this nor Sarazanmai are giving me much to work with, although for admittedly very different reasons. This one continues to ramp up the light novel cliches it purports to be mocking to unhealthy levels with its neverending lavish praise of its ubermensch. "Let me handle this, I'm the best there ever was." "Yes, you're right. You are the best. Forgive us for daring to think we were anything but helpless maggots in your presence." It seems like sarcasm, but that's an actual goddamned exchange.

And then there's the whole 'development' (to be generous with the term) and resolution of its rapey antagonist. Turns out he was actually be juiced full of bad mojo by the real antagonist. Which they go to great lengths to have the ubermensch point out, and even figure out that Rapeo isn't wholly corrupted. And then, after a short battle where at best, he slightly chars him (immediately healed thanks to ubermensch powers), he takes the easy way out and just immediately murders the kid. Yes, I'm going with murders. Because when tossing a magic frisbee failed, the next step was beheading, despite knowing through magical protagonist powers that he could be de-demonized and had so far been no actual threat to him. What a hero.   


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NeclordX says:

    Wow, this scalated fast. From dofus to murderer in 5 seconds…well, if I think on it, that’s not really that far fetched.

  • Random Gernandez says:

    Ughh I don’t even know how you can keep up with this…. I couldn’t past half episode 2.
    I tried to read the manga… but this is awful just awful…. I mean I can stomach your daily generic show but this I don’t even have the words.