The Annihilated City #03 — Yay, Idols!

April 21st, 2019


This episode isn't just inexplicably bad. It's simply inexplicable.

I haven't forgotten to finish up my script/tools dump. My external with the workspaces has been in temporary storage (minor residential relocation a few weeks back) and I need to get it out. It's all backed up online too, but between all the games, that's many, many gigs that I really don't want to download just for this.


So… they get sucked into that stupid idol group having a spat because some want to practice more and some want to pander to the fans more… and by spat, I mean that one of them throws a massive tantrum. But then people tell her that idolness was the true magic they found along the way, and friendship is the true idolness, and… that's it. That's essentially the whole episode. It's tied to everything else, by just a note that stuff was going on in the city when it got disappeared. No triumph of the human spirit or anything here though. Just some teenage pop stars crying about how important and great pop stars are.

You pull a metaphysical anomaly out of your ass and this is what you come up with? Are you kidding me? Skip to the ED for the duo getting coldcocked by another psychic and Yuki blowing up. It's the only part of this episode that wasn't steaming garbage.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    The looped in time part of the city sounded cool until they added the teen idol drama into it, and the rest of the episode was just trash.
    Also what the hell happened at the end? That girl just casually blew up a part of the city, It would be cool if that girl was evil all along, please do so silly Anime.