The Annihilated City #02 — Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight

April 14th, 2019


Then again, neither bullets nor knife wounds caused much damage… until someone then exploded.


Pretty similar to last week in most ways, most importantly and disappointingly that Yuki stayed a sack of angst to be carted around for the vast majority of the episode. You absolutely could've made a solid episode out of each member of the escape-crew sacrificing themselves to hold back the pursuing Evil Organization, and Vanishing Line's episode in that vein comes to mind, but once the chase began, sacrificing oneself was the first thing that each of them did. So not quite building up to desperate measures as much as a race to see who could jump on each grenade as quickly as possible. And with Yuki still relatively placidly watching it all unfold with the emotional involvement of a goat, there's little dramatic oomph to either it or when she finally steps up/the music kicks in.

On a production side, the low frame running animation made it pretty clear that the CGI vehicles is the preferred chase for this. Animation and art took quite a bit of a hit from the first episode, and they were pretty mediocre to start. Whoever was in charge of keeping things consistent with the powers also dropped the ball this week, as I guess we're just straight up dropping the empathic-linked damage they showed last week when her Persona-dude straight up face-tanked a hail of knives. …And then the other guy took a hail of gunfire, but it was switching from a pistol to an SMG that caused him to explode. Yes, explode. You go to all the trouble of explaining the dude's knife-link crap, and then I guess drop it for "shoot him with a different caliber of small arms and he explodes." Okay, sure. Whatever. And did I mention the good guys shooting the swarm of evil mooks in the batons? Why? Just… why?

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  • The Phantom says:

    It still has decent quality, hate the plot, hate the main characters, here only for the visuals and the fights.