The Annihilated City #01 — CGI and Chrome

April 7th, 2019


Apparently the official 'translation' of the title is AFTERLOST. I think I will rebel.


Well, the pieces are there for Mad Max meets Persona, but even above and beyond the production squibbles, of which thanks to copious use of CGI there are quite a few, it's not the most enthralling of episodes. A lot of that has to do with Yuki, the lead girl, who spends virtually the entire episode in a fugue… except not really, because she still screams, gasps, runs off when overhearing people talking about her being the epicenter of an apocalypse, etc. She's pretty much just a prop they carry around and deliver exposition over. The lead male comes off a little stronger, confident, competent without being invulnerable, and a fairly classic western action hero archetype, but I admit that I think it would be a far better end of the episode to have his (game incarnation's) ex-girlfriend/spy put a bullet in the head at the end of the episode rather than that exasperatingly obvious fakeout. As long as we're cribbing from popular things, let's kill an Uncle Ben and/or Peter Blond Parker mentor too and let her be a real heroine.

If it had a bigger budget, the chase scenes could've been decent too, and an effort was made to at least not be full of stills or Dramatic Action Poses, but it's not going to wow anyone. They did thankfully shut up during it, and let the audience deduce how the linked Persona thing works through the power of just showing it for about a second or two, which after the fiasco of certain shows yesterday… looking at you, UFOTable… I feel is something that needs to be pointed out as a positive.

It's… tolerable… for now. If Yuki womans up and takes more charge, that would greatly improve things… at least to being Persona on mopeds with government conspiracies instead of social links. 

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  • The Phantom says:

    Cheap Darker Than Black, is decent though, this looks like the best of the season.