Fairy Gone #04 — Promoting Eye Strain

April 28th, 2019


This isn't what is meant when people say contrast is needed.


Mixing up the formula something fierce this week. The five minutes of action was split between the start and the end of the episode. And… that's pretty much it. Still had a flashback to start, followed by about ten minutes of Dudes Talking (women count as dudes here), before quite literally running off to a random isolated place for fairy punch-ups against double literally some random dudes (again, the woman counts as a dude). As in they were literally putting up the nameplates of the characters as they attacked… and then we never saw the woman dude for the rest of the episode.

I suppose at least it wasn't an empty field this time, but a crypt, and they got all the techno out of their system in the opening bit, letting the music take a much more fitting gothic vibe. Then again, they decided that we wouldn't be seeing a damn thing. Except that it would still be sticking in some cutaways to flashbacks with bright white light flashes for transitions, just in case you wanted to run the gamut between not being able to see anything and being blinded. The assassin dudes were pretty goofy too. I'm not even sure if they're supposed to be major characters or will be unceremoniously (maybe even offscreen) dispatched thirty seconds into next week, but I know I'm not betting against it.


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  • ark noir says:

    This week’s tryhard to look battles supercool battle music…….castlevania