Fairy Gone #03 — Who Ordered the Lupin Soundtrack?

April 21st, 2019


Whoever told PA Works these were English names needs to be kicked in the teeth.


The busty woman wearing too much eyeshadow? Her name is Bittersweet. Really. Really. Instead, I think we'll go with BS, which is helpful for multiple reasons. I wonder if every episode is going to start with ten minutes of unrelated flashbacks and random exposition. Seems like it's probable at this point. I think the most telling trivial moment of this episode is how the CM break interstitial comes at 16 minutes into the episode, which would be the halfway point of the section of the episode that has an actual plot… which is "were in the relative proximity to fairy stuff when a dude staged a smash and grab." The best part of that is that we gave the techno OST a rest and instead opted for a much more fitting Lupin-esque one. 

Unfortunately, they wasted so much time at the start that they end up having to split this into a multi-part affair, although hell if I could tell you why. The cliffhanger is the reveal that BS is also a persona user. Shock and gasp. She's just like every other named character in the show, including even the smash and grab dude. Really seems like you'd only need about 15 seconds more to wrap up the quest for the MacGuffin, and who knows? Maybe like Sirius, it will be wrapped up in the opening seconds before dropping BS to go stumble into a field where some other fairy related criminal is lurking. Seems more likely than not. After the flashbacks and random dudes giving a lecture, of course.

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  • The Phantom says:

    So yea this is pretty much adult’s Persona. The plot is boring, the flashback annoying, but the animation is decent and seems to be high on the action so far.