Dr. Rorororo #15 — Sympathy for… Wait, Are You Serious Here?

April 22nd, 2019


Spare a thought for child killers.


Well, this two parter came to its completely expected conclusion 100% matching the previous time it did this, yet somehow exponentially worse because it took twice as long as was twice as idiotic. Yes, writers. Let's make a mountain of ado about whether or not they did the wrong thing in burning the village of a literal death cult. It would have been so much better had they never showed up at all, allowing them to continue mass murdering everybody who comes their way to appease the swarms of monsters they're keeping in their basements. And all those kids they killed? They probably had it coming. It wasn't even like it was just the head of the village either and everyone else were dupes, or had even stopped, or regretted it. They were still totally on board with murdering more children to keep the racket going.

It's such a simply incomprehensible sack of BS to try to throw out that this is a sign of Hyakkimaru going darkside or that all they're doing is leaving destruction in their wake. It's not even a goddamned shade of grey. Death cult! Orphan murderers! Hell, the main reason the village went up in flames is because one of the giant moths crashed into a watchtower. Yeah, Dororo kicked over the oil too. That's the storehouse. The moths are what torched the rest of the village. We could've stopped there and then maybe done something on an innocent kid who wasn't part of the death cult (yet) getting caught in the wake, but no. We do nothing by half measures. Those poor mass murderers. Why won't anybody think of the mass murderers!?

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One Lonely Comment

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Give the writers some slack – they are only trying to stick to the Formula:

    1 – This is an Anime
    2 – Hyakkimaru is a teen
    3 – Teens in Anime must have Teenaged Angst
    4 – Now Hyakkimaru can have Teenaged Angst