Dororororororo #13 — Face Off

April 8th, 2019


At least we left the stupid homeland.


I rolled my eyes a bit when the new OP featured a series of corny antagonists, but thinking further, a turn towards goofy action would probably be an improvement. Maybe it'll stop pretending like his dad Did What Needed To Be Done if he's also commanding a legion of animal-themed demon assassins. Speculating about that also means I need to talk less about the episode itself, which was both kind of bizarre, and started out by spilling the beans that the girl of the week was kidnapping people to sacrifice to a faceless statue and steal their faces. After revealing all that, she then tells the story about somebody who died of despair due to not being able to carve a nice statue face. She can also shapeshift into people's mothers, which is an especially weird power to start with and apparently somehow does not make her a demon, but then they go "I may have just tried to murder you and use my psychic powers to strangle you, but behold my trump card! I now look like your mom!" I'm curious how many times that's worked. I'm curious why the writers then tried to milk the scene. "Gasp! You don't know what your mom looks like!? My flawless plan is undone!" Uh, no, guys. Maybe take another crack at the draft. Then the statue kills her for reasons I can't fathom. The end of her 'arc,' I suppose.

As if that isn't enough things disconnected from everything else, we then have an impromptu group bath at the end of the episode where an entire schoolbus full of children pop out of nowhere. This would be because they also decided to work in the reveal that nobody ever noticed at any point before that Dororo has a map tattooed on her back. To what? For what? Who can say! Now she's officially a macguffin being carted around. Well, at least she has a purpose now.


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