Grimms Notes #11 — Sexually Molesting Dragons

March 22nd, 2019


I don't think they actually read Through the Looking Glass.

This is a day late because the broadcast was delayed slightly, and so few people care about it that it didn't pop up in any form until the middle of the night. This season can't do literally anything right.


I'm a little concerned that the writers didn't think through sexually molesting the Mad Hatter into submission, especially when they're going to follow it up with the reveal that he was the big bad jabberloki all along. At the very least, it really makes you wonder about that "everything went exactly as I planned" stinger. Your plan really involved being kidnapped and sexually assaulted? Well, whatever rocks your dragon cloaca, dude. I also feel like I would have a pretty significant existential crisis if some people appeared out of nowhere and transformed into a clone of me as a way of… wait, all she did was stab the queen in the face, which somehow threw her against the wall. Perhaps "existential" is the wrong word there.

In any case, I guess we're not going out on a particularly interesting arc, but at least we're finally almost free from this. With all the different takes on Through the Looking Glass through the years, this one doesn't bring anything interesting to the table. What if Alice was in league with the Queen of Hearts because she has some weird ideas about maturity? And we'll resolve it by the aforementioned face stabbing. Not really so much of an arc here, guys. I guess at least I can't name another Alice take like this. Most of them are way more ambitious. And have at least read the Cliff's Notes of the book.

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One Lonely Comment

  • NeclordX says:

    How the fuck Reina summoned Alice? It wasn’t supposed they were restricted by class, except EX that could summon any class? Reina could only summon supporters, not fighters.