Grimms Notes #10 — This Is Not a Goddamned Fairy Tale

March 14th, 2019


Everyone in this franchise has given up.


Jeanne d'Arc? Really? This is a fairy tale now? Are they going to at least brutally murder the protagonist like a proper fairy tale does? No? The whole bit is them preventing Jeanne from being burned at the stake? Okay, so perhaps a weird clown angel was probably not the 'correct' way to end up on the pyre. I don't even understand why they didn't just put an arrow through Jeanne to take the dude down. They've already shown that they can bring people back from the dead. Plus, that was the dude's only strategy; to hide behind Jeanne. One time, it worked. The next time, they just attacked anyway and I guess he moved away from her? And then they did their reset crap which is making a dragon grumpy I guess?

Oh, also, the central drama was Curly telling X to choose between Jeanne living and destiny, which he then spent about five minutes gasping about before going right ahead and doing the same thing he always does with no epiphany or second thoughts on it. DRAMA.

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