Grimms Notes #09 — A Whole Old World

March 7th, 2019


Somehow, this show's writing is getting lazier.


Okay, let's do Aladdin, and the twist is that it'll be exactly like the most famous adaptation of Aladdin ever done. Wait, is that not a twist? Okay, well, Aladdin dies to a mook then. Sounds perfect. They couldn't even come up with a way to get the lamp out of Not-Jafar's hands. Some of them yelled "hey, look over here," then someone tanked a fireball (it's hard to remember who's who with all the transformations), and then shot their own fireball, and that was it. That was the whole genie/lamp gimmick in the climactic fight. I guess it was supposed to be an episode about the blonde too? Because she got dehydrated and Aladdin gave her water? That's the sum total of her character arc in the episode though.

And yeah, that was the entire episode. "Look, it's Aladdin. Oh no, some mooks. Time to fight the boss. Welp, we won on the first try through the power of face-tanking." Most SNES era RPG fetch quests have more depth than that. This season really is the worst.

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