Grimms Notes #07 — Let It Snow

February 21st, 2019


I prefer Frozen.

I had a post up briefly, but this was delayed because of the minor earthquake causing some broadcast hinkiness. 


The Snow Queen is a story I actually only kind of know a few details in passing, and half of that is the ways that Frozen changed what it pulled from it. Not that I would look to this as any kind of source either, but I do recognize at least that the cursed mirror in the heart/eyes was something that affected Kai originally, not Gerda. That reveal was a bit underwhelming, probably because it came at about 8 minutes into the episode, and then everyone's just kind of all "eh, whatever," we spend a few minutes wandering through a cave, and then end up right back where we were. Even for this show, the middle of this episode was a particularly weird mess of nonstop exposition, reset, and then finishing it, bereft of the main characters doing jack squat except for a super weird declaration "that's poison apple arrow power!" 

And yet, it compares favorably to its other overtures towards the main plot, which reveals the supposedly main antagonist in the form of someone named Curly. Yes, Curly. That girl with the white hair who gives orders to the god of tricksters is apparently named Curly. She just pops up to give the very unimaginative schtick that kowtowing to destiny isn't always the best thing and then zoops off into the sunset. It's certainly a road the show could've been taking the whole run, particularly with the Cinderella and Don Quixote stories, lest we forget that these people are going around rewriting reality to be how they want, but even the people they're obliterating from existence are happy for it, so I'm not entirely sure who that's supposed to convince. I mean, besides the main characters, obviously. I'm sure they'll suddenly find all manner of depths of newfound anxiety over it.


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