Grimms Notes #05 — Limited Time Beachware Summer Special

February 7th, 2019


Muppet Treasure Island was a more accurate adaptation of the story.


I think I've made my peace with finishing this out. About 80% of that is that it reminds me of other, better stories of long ago that have lain dormant in my brain for a very long time, and it's kind of nice to stir those memories up and think about things that have actual themes or narratives. The other 20% was how absolutely comically shameless this episode was. First, the gacha swimsuit versions of the random characters. One of them even used a goddamned dolphin as a bow. Also, they're all transforming into magical girls now.

Second, because this has even less to do with Treasure Island/Long John Silver than Fate Whatever has to do with any of its feminized anythings. John Silver is a noble pirate in search of adventure, as all pirates are, but he's tempted by treasure, so they beat him up and restore his true pirate spirit and back to adventure he goes. Half the episode was closer to The Goonies than to Treasure Island. Did you guys even read the book at all? Did you even look at the back cover? Couldn't even spare the time to peruse the Wikipedia article? No. Okay, well, here's Jim Hawkins I guess playing the part of Ben Gunn because the whole mutiny thing that's the central plot of the book won't be making any appearance whatsoever. Also, John Silver is the hero now. Sorry, Jim. Better luck next time.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    Guy in a cave appears, turn the story upside down, 2 minutes later he dies/gets transformed and nobody gives a damn about him anymore. Lol