Grimms Notes #04 — Glass Slipper Not Included

January 31st, 2019


So, we're, uh… not doing that part of the story at all, are we?


And I think I'm likely done with this. Not because it spent literally half the episode doing jack squat, although that's certainly a large part of it, or because of yet another incredibly half-assed fight scene. I think I probably could've stomached both of those things if the story wasn't so painfully insipid when they could be doing so much more. The fairy godmother is the bad guy because she wants to keep Cinderella trapped in a dream of happiness as opposed to her terrible life. Fine. No issues with that as a starting place, but it needed a hell of a lot more. The prince as a not-nice dude too. That she would be going from one form of servitude to another where she only thinks that she's happy or something. That her true love/happiness was with X, not shoved in a castle. Something. 

Instead, we get a little speech about the girl who spent the entire episode unconscious, and the previous episode flirting with X did her very best. When? In what way? How? It's the same problem as with the Don Quixote episode. After decades of everything from American McGee's Alice to Shrek to Buffy to even bloody Star Trek episodes, especially ones with Q, I know that there are ways to twist up fairy tale stuff. It even did a passable job of it in the first episode. Since then, it's flailed at every turn. Even if it's a personal sacrifice of what X wants (what the hell does that blank slate of nothing even want) for Cinderella's chance at some happiness, that could at least be setting something up for later when they reject the destiny stories or whatever, rather than anemically and unconvincingly declaring everything totally wrapped up and everybody is happy. Read some actual fairy tales. They're bloody as all hell. Let's go with that instead.


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  • jgoi says:

    At least Million Arthur gave some T&A.