Grimms Notes #03 — A Cinderella Story

January 24th, 2019


Would not be how I'd describe this episode.


My attempts to rationalize this as the least-bad of the Tuesday through Thursday shows are failing. The other shows aren't putting up much of a fight either. The shield hero thing has had multiple episodes on nothing but grinding and how great the protagonist is for only owning and psychologically abusing slaves but not physically torturing or raping them. Neverland will be entering its third straight episode next week of "let's think about thinking about coming up with a plan" while the antagonists are just getting more and more goofy. The five brides thing has pretty much given up on pretending to be a comedy and is just T&A and yelling.

This show's week three episode was an overlong flashback origin story for X. You see, he has a blank magic book, and knew Cinderella. The fairy godmother comes, but there's also monsters, and SEE YOU NEXT WEEK. That's right. We didn't even get to the end of it. God only knows why not. Most of the episode was dead air. Next week, I'm about 95% certain I'll start that series of posts on tools and stuff from past projects on Wednesday, and may very well just go with that or some other random filler thing for the rest of the season since I'm not sure I actually have two months worth of that in my pocket. We'll see, I guess though! Not like Friday, Saturday, or Monday have been putting their best feet forward either. May run that dry faster than expected.


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