A Certain Magical Index III #14 — Reverse Spirit Bomb

January 11th, 2019


Yay, teamwork!


Speaking of needing another editing pass… This was probably the best episode of this show in its third iteration so far, but my god, did absolutely nothing make an iota of sense. The running theme the whole episode was "Yay, teamwork!" The other princess won because of teamwork. The bad princess's only weakness was teamwork. The queen's trump card was a reverse spirit bomb, giving a little bit of power to everybody so they could all gather around and stare menacingly. Then Touma finished things with a teamwork punch. It makes me think that there was a version of the script where the bad princess's massive army was all robots or mind controlled or something. Their teamwork isn't real teamwork, I guess. And then it turns out that it was all just a plan to lure Index out so some guy could steal her scroll-brain. Keep in mind that this girl spends 99% of her time sitting in a random apartment that pretty much anybody can just walk into. So yeah, the easiest way to get her was obviously to lure her halfway across the world and start a civil war. 

But the action was well-animated, and bizarrely for this series, we got something of a reprieve from recitation of overwrought powers for once. On the other hand, after the big long spiel about how ultimate her cubes were, all they ended up being in this fight were projectiles she could summon and toss around. Hell, people started cutting them up after a while, so they're not even that ultimate, now are they? I'm probably content to call this a final episode for me as far as Index is concerned. It may be looking like the best animated thing for the day, but I've totally lost track of the bloated cast and incomprehensible overall plot, even leaving aside the episode-to-episode nonsense in the writing. I'm out of things to say, and have no real desire to see this to its conclusion, especially knowing that it's unlikely to actually be one.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jgoi says:

    I gave up trying to understand Index (becaus they’re rushing everything), I just want to see Itsuwa naked.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well animated?! Did you even watch the episode? Which part was well animated? The one with the GIANT YELLOW CGI CUBES or the one where Kanzaki transformed into the tasmanian devil?

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    With all the talk of heroes, the episode itself even being named heroes, this episode disparately needed to have licensed David Bowie’s “Heroes”, as it’s big fight insert song.