Ulysses #11 — Quick! Into the Flashback!

December 23rd, 2018


"Hey, remember all these characters we introduced then ditched?"


No big surprises here. Jeanne somehow magically transports herself into Montmorency's psychic dreamscape using heretofore previously undiscovered psychic powers and brings him out of it by giving him a peptalk. They then give a speech about the power of love, forgetting I guess all that stuff that rocked her to her very core about him promising to marry someone else while he just stood there stammering. You know, truly a love story for the ages. That was sufficient to completely defang an alien god and the legion of hellbeasts he summoned (again). The end. Except not really because there's another episode still.

Oh, and we were treated to a closeup of Phillip putting on the magic helmet, featuring her boobs quite literally ballooning up. She also, I guess, discovered magical friendship powers and can transfer life force or something to other people? I don't know. The writing in this show seems to have only two tenors; eyerolling banality and absolute nutjob nonsense.

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One Lonely Comment

  • ark noir says:

    Remember when this was about the Hundred Years War and not tying to be a square soft last boss knock off. I’m looking at you final fantasy.