Ulysses #10 — Alien Invasion

December 16th, 2018


This show likes its fairy torture, doesn't it?


Let's see… to review, humanity was created by megalomaniacal alien demons, rebelled, established a secret society dedicated to creating a utopia (who has apparently been sitting on their ass for the last few thousand years), and sealed the head alien in the Philosopher's Stone. All that Cthulhu stuff was just… I don't know, a light show or something. At this point, La Hire becomes the heroine of the episode, ranting about how… how great Jeanne is? And that's why she has to fight? Anyway, apparently she has a random time limit too, so just shoots tentacles/glass out of the sky until falling over from time limititis.

It was a stupid episode that didn't need to be. All this crap about aliens, the illuminati, etc was a new level of idiotic that made the continued "fights won by timing out" seem only very moronic in comparison. Just let him go berserk. That's what you said would happen all along. Savagely tear through the enemy. You can do all the exact same character stuff, as nonsensical as using La Hire, the character you kept droning on about being too much of a greedy mercenary as your beacon of heroism, is. It works even better when you're not trying to work in split personalities with aliens in the eleventh hour. And not stretching it out across multiple episodes, but that ship has already clearly sailed and we're just waiting for the end. Will they remember to work in all the rest of the harem? Will they even remember that some of them exist after their cleavage being the showcase in the first arc? Probably not.

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  • Neclord X says:

    Does the rules of the series ever work? “It’s a miracle that won’t happen twice” seems to be their favorite line, but for a “miracle that doesn’t happen twice” it happens LOTS of times. Although one could argue are different miracles, not the same one Still I didn’t see a single rules of the magical Stone were never respected.