The Girl in Twilight #12 — “And That Wraps Up Everything”

December 17th, 2018


Narrator Voice: "But it did not wrap up anything."


What happened here, guys? Were you expecting to get renewed for a second season? Anyway, Asuka1 simply irritates Galactusasuka into having a long flashback where she reveals that she's just throwing a big tantrum over her brother disappearing and literally woke up one day with Twilight in her bed, so set out on a path of multiverse annihilation. One speech about moving on later, and Galactusasuka goes back to normal. The end. They then trip over the version of Asuka2's assistant and spend the last third of the episode harassing her into joining their club. Also, I guess we're supposed to assume that Asuka2 came back to life somehow.

It was absolute nonsense. It wrapped up nothing. I guess we're never going to find out what the deal is with one of the major characters (Yuu2), or Asuka's brother. The twilight is just I guess left out there to latch on to some slightly different person who will use it to destroy the multiverse except not because I guess everything was reset. Asinine.

Final Thoughts:

Setting aside the remarkably godawful last episode for a moment, this series needed to either take itself way more seriously, or way less. Either way, it needed to find something in its wheelhouse that wasn't "I believe in myself!" It tried to cleave through the middle with a bunch of lighthearted morons coming of age, but they were all excessively immature and didn't actually mature at all, so the dramatic sides constantly fell short. I'm gonna get married, it's everything I ever wanted! Oh, wait, taking his name would make mine sound sort of like a pun. I do what I want, stepdad! No, wait, dad! I love you!

But returning to the godawful last episode, it was godawful. They introduced a bunch of stuff to act as the main plot or main theme for the show, and then ditched virtually all of it for a couple sappy generic speeches. Then, having wrapped up only a throaway antagonist introduced one episode prior, they decided to pretend that not only was everything wrapped up, the Twilight defeated, etc, we're just going to reset everything. I fully expected the reset given the show's lack of teeth, but it took zero effort and required zero growth or epiphany from anybody. Asuka just gave a prosaic life lesson about not obliterating the world because you feel sad, and it spent the last five minutes on "yay, friendship!"

Don't bother.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • gedata says:

    Uh… play the mobage I guess?

  • 20320 says:

    Well the whole point of the show was people accepting themselves so Asuka and tinyAsuka getting some heart to heart and mending each others emotional scars is about as good as a conclusion there could be. Trying to find Kyo or the twilight king is missing the forest for the trees.

    • Aroduc says:

      What scars? Asuka is the exact same as she was at the start. Had she actually been trying to find her brother or stop the king, and made self-destructive decisions based on that, fine. You might have a point that she’s grown up or gotten over it. But she didn’t do any of those things. She goofed off for 11 episodes, then gave a prosaic speech.