The Girl in Twilight #11 — Suddenly Lesbians

December 10th, 2018


I guess it's not really sudden, but since they're riding a salt shaker, it still counts.


Holy nonsense, Batman, goddamned everything to do with the possessed hero was just absolutely inexplicable garbage. From the start with the oh-so-clever "I'll just attack while you're transforming" bit to the entire lecture where he's taunting them by telling them how great they are and how much they've grown. Yes. Taunting them. By doing a review of how great they are. Because, you see, they're sort of embarrassed about it now, I guess? And I suppose he ends each paragraph by going "but that's all a lie." And how do they overcome the paralyzing angst brought on by this? They tell each other they're friends and gonna do their best! I guess he just wandered off to take a dream piss or something. At this point, they decide that's enough and the rest of it finishes up off screen.

Meanwhile, Galactusasuka is apparently going with the "sadness is sad, so kill everything and become my Silver Surfer" pitch. This show has not had anywhere near enough bad things happen to her for this to accomplish anything but the rolling of my eyes. What this really needed was Yuu1 stabbing Asuka in the back before this. Give her something to really be sad about and to actually make up over, not to mention that long bizarre speech about always doing your bestest in place of insert song. That she was responsible for her brother getting taken or something. Had it done the legwork to set up this stuff, it could've been a really strong second half to the episode at least. Alas, it's much ado about, uh… how a couple teenagers admitted they have a crush on their friend, I guess? And then gave a speech about how great friendship is while killing a bunch of thrashing phalluses. And wasn't meant to be symbolic at all.

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