SSSS Gridman #11 — Call Geek Squad

December 15th, 2018


Was that supposed to be his ascension into becoming a True Hero™?


He just… He just gets better. All he needed was his RAM swapped out and an aircan blasted through his insides. They spend most of the episode standing around his comatose body until he just… gets up and is perfectly fine, because he's not really Yuuta, he's Gridman. This nonsensical 'reveal' is set to mournful piano and sad singing. And yet, you'd think this was the moment the sidekick actually did something for the first time because he then mopes about how he… once again was able to do nothing. Except he then vanishes from the remaining quarter of the episode, so I guess not. We gonna do something with that inferiority complex, guys? Getting a little late in the game for a drum you've been banging on for the entire run.

There's not much else to say about the rest. Akane spends it moping. Rikka spends it moping and then spouting nonsense about why can't we all be friends, no matter how many people you murder. So of course, the finale is another out of the ass super duper transformation that is unlikely to transform, and just appears to further Akane's turn from unrepentant psychopath to unrepentant damsel in distress.

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