SSSS Gridman #10 — Giant Fabulous Clam Insert Song

December 8th, 2018


Boy, that vagina stand-in was, uh… flamboyant.


I have questions. I suppose this episode is a lot stronger than the last few since it focuses more on things fighting than on the trainwreck that is its characters or plot. On the other hand, the only direction the plot went in this week was Anti becoming a toy too with his dumb face turn. And the monster of the week was a two part affair; first a goofy bean thing and then a giant clam that in no way looked like a feral vagina at all that fought like it was fitting this in between a starring role in Priscilla of the Desert and a feather boa fashion show. That thing is probably going to get sparkles and a rainbow trail for the DVDs.

And for as much focus as the action got, the formula remained the same as ever. As soon as Gridman faces the slightest hiccup, someone else logs in as a new toy form and curbstomps the enemy. How much more satisfying it would be if anybody learned goddamned anything any week, even a banal physics lesson, and then applied that to the challenge before them? A lot. The answer is a lot. And, of course, rather than do a goddamned thing this week, Team Proactive Teenagers spent the entire thing at home until Akane came to them. Do you people even want to save your simulacra city or whatever it is or not?

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One Lonely Comment

  • kenuran says:

    Since about episode 2 or 3, this show always has felt like the whole setup was just some sad and petty girl, manipulated by an alien for some bad guy purpose, screwing around with a simulated Matrix type world that she controls thats just waiting to saved by the power of friendship. A setup that’s you would only do for like maybe 4 episodes max before you go the next arc. Except this is dragged out for a whole season before it finally (most likely) hand-waives away every bad thing the girl does cause its actually a simulation and every one she kills isnt really dead and the bad guy alien gets defeated in a fight in takes off into space. So really you’re watching this show for is everything in between the main plot. Which has been really bland.

    “Team Proactive Teenagers spent the entire thing at home until Akane came to them. Do you people even want to save your simulacra city or whatever it is or not?”

    Akane could have just stabbed Yuta a long time ago but it only happens now because theres only two episodes left and its time to build for a climax. Thats why this show is so bland. The main characters always just sit around waiting for someone to basically infodump the plot to Yuta (the audience) in some episode. They never even showed much interest in trying to find out why Akane is sending out kaiju to begin with. Let alone trying to figure out how the world even works or how they can break out of it or what the hell is wrong with Akane or anything. I mean Rikka most likely knows the most about Akane and is the key to everything but because this of this cheap “I control you” crap with Akane, Rikka just screws off all the time and never wants to do anything plot relevant.