SSSS Gridman #09 — For The Idiots Who Have Everything

December 1st, 2018


Wherein the protagonists literally sleep through the entire episode.


So they spend about half the episode pretending like Akane has done some kind of super god thing and completely reset all their minds, but it turns out that they were just trapped in a dream. It takes until about 18 minutes for them to figure that out, whereupon the animators decide "You know what we should overanimate this week? Running through the streets." That's their big moment. They didn't even actually show up to fight the monster. That was entirely left to the C Team. Their triumph was just… being badgered into figuring out it was a dream, and then yelling "I remember everything."

I almost want to call it a bottle episode for how it attempted jack squat. It might've worked about a month earlier before they knew Akane was the antagonist as the connecting element between them all to help them get there, and would've absolutely been more effective had Akane actually mussed with the world instead of it all being a dream. Would've lent a little badly needed credence to the "she's totally a god, guys" crap they keep spewing. All it really accomplished was deepening my contempt for these protagonists. Merely showing up at all is their triumph.

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  • The Phantom says:

    Is too much asking to have that loser stay dead?