A Certain Magical Kagura #09.5 — Mashup

December 7th, 2018

I’m ready for both these franchise to be gone forever.

WordPress’s latest updated utterly nutterly butterly broke the post template I use, so that was a fun surprise for this morning. I’ve found a workaround, but it’s… less than ideal. I need to find a more permanent solution, or change my template. Nothing like surprise extra work!


Okay, maybe I did miss quite a bit in Senran Kagura land. It opens with I guess the tournament over and everybody, including the previously kidnapped ‘main’ girls, fighting random monsters, including what appears to be a large suitcase. A particularly giant monster appears, and since it’s vaguely female shaped, they wrap it up in elaborate bondage ropage before everyone just explodes on it. So really, not that different from Index. Then they spend the next half of the episode going on another Christmas date, to be followed next week by getting dolled up to flounce around the mall. Again.

Meanwhile, in Index, they start out the first third of the episode with wacky ‘relationship’ hijinks and/or for all intents and purposes a date. Eventually, Index and Touma are kidnapped and thrown onto a plane (in economy, no less), where Punch Boy can foil a terrorist plot by punching a couple of them. Of course, there are long asides to explain how they’re magically messing with the controls slightly. After all, in this whole pitched sequence, there’s like… one punch, and one slap thrown. Can’t have too much going on. And then next week, they all get dolled up to flounce around high society. Again.


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