A Certain Magical Index 3 #13 — Behold My Deathcube

December 28th, 2018


Now forget about it, because I just wanted to show you it.


This episode made me think how much more tolerable it might be if the protagonist was Spiderman instead. "Behold my power to summon death cubes. Now, here's two paragraphs on the science behind death cubes." The kicker to it? Demonstrating the ability to summon death cubes (that caused no death or destruction) and then explaining them was then tossed aside and replaced with "cause big explosion that resets the scene," just like goddamned everything in this show. Imagine if instead of gasping in awe at how badass the explanation of a deathcube sinking into the ground was, we got a few eyerolls and quips instead? The 'action' there would still be imbecilic, but at least it'd reassure me that somewhere on the writing staff is someone who isn't a drooling moron. And then there's the opening fight, another thing that was left off when all involved caused a spontaneous explosion that reset the scene. It was won because Brick-Faced Dude A caught Brick-Faced Dude B offguard. Not so much offguard that he couldn't spend a few sentences narrating how much offguard he had been caught though. Can't just let the audience infer that he was caught by surprise. Have to explain that at exhaustive length. 

As for the rest of the episode, they had a picnic, ogled some boobs, ogled some more boobs, and punched some random golem they stumbled over. The latter had a dramatic declaration of how dire things were for reasons I can't really fathom. It's quite literally a random enemy they tripped over in the sewers and decided "Hey, let's pretend like this random encounter is a midboss battle." A bunch of people spontaneously bled from their foreheads as well this week. Is that a thing now? Is that what the cool kids are doing? Am I free from this franchise yet? Soon. 

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One Lonely Comment

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Hate to be that guy but… SpiderHYPHENMan.

    The animation this episode was also kind of… bad? Like the scene with Toma and that girl, who just kind of disappeared with no explanation repeated, and I thought my PS4 messed up and looped back ten seconds, and then the exact same thing happens three times after Acqua hands off Index.

    Also, when did Misaka become an electrical engineer? I’d love if her advice to undo the lock was “kick it until it breaks.”