A Certain Magical Index 3 #12 — Cosplay Convention

December 21st, 2018


Yes, all London cops have a secret full suit of armor in their lockers.


It seemed like it would continue to be goofy at the start. All the bobbies went to their lockers where they keep their full sets of medieval armor, and suited up to take over the streets. Meanwhile, an army of nuns of witches also descended on the city. At this point, the forming cosplay convention was virtually completely dropped. So Kaori jumps out of a plane just to immediately job to the arc boss's secretary setting up what was supposedly an exciting fight between two dour-faced tertiary men, each wielding gigantic phalluses and with faces like bricks. In their favor though, at least their attacks were slashes, and not long declarations about how great flour is. You know, just in case you forgot what the climactic fight of a recent arc was. …At least until they completely stopped fighting and the battle was ended by them literally exploding. As for the main characters, they had about three minutes of screentime between them. Truly the stars of the show.

So last week was indeed just a hiccup and it's mostly back to doing what this third season has been doing all along. Unsatisfying fight scenes between tertiary characters, exemplified by how everything eventually simply explodes and then it'll explain how someone got away or someone believed in themselves more and thus they won. I mostly amused myself during the episode thinking about what it would have been like had it taken place in the US. All the cops run to their lockers to put on their minutemen costumes, then take to the streets to fight suffragettes while shouting about the glory of the homeland. Then it felt like that might be hitting a little too close to home, especially with the blonde harridans ranting about their genetic superiority and divine right.

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  • abcd says:


    OMG!! Big Head or she is about to head Exploding

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I had to laugh when hero of the last arc Kaori Kanzaki, totally ate it offscreen.