A Certain Magical Index 3 #11 — We’ll Never be Royals

December 14th, 2018


I think the writers got into the nitrous oxide.

I think we'll just stick with this to the end of the season, although I highly doubt I'll be continuing on with it past that. Senran Kagura's episode was about 20 minutes of hot spring bathing and then the goth ones had a half-assed fight.


Which isn't to say that this was much better. Well, better than the de facto standard. It was probably a high water mark for this particular season of Index, and that's certainly a thought. It was just a weirdly goofy episode from start to finish. Which isn't to say that it wasn't still chock full of characters awkwardly announcing their powers to anybody in earshot, hitting pause on a chase scene to review the geopolitical situation, or my favorite, declaring that they'll never get the secret plan out of them, followed by a complete review of the secret plan. It's just that aside from one character nearly being beheaded by an arrow, nobody was really taking it all that seriously. 

Perhaps it was Orianna coming back to toss some well deserved quips and barbs at Touma instead of endlessly fellating him. Maybe it's that the antagonists are a bunch of spoiled imbeciles obssessed with selfies instead of an endless parade of dour teenagers preaching nihilism and/or Christianity. Maybe it's that literally everyone dressed up in their boobiest dresses and pushup bras so it's a lot less distinguishable from Senran Kagura than it thinks. Whatever it is, the result is that it makes the stupidity in the main plot a lot easier to swallow, and some of the more ridiculous things it throws out apropos of absolutely nothing, like the weird self-negging about girls not being good enough to use real Norse weapons, just another joke at the characters' expenses. 

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    I didn’t really understand it, but it was about Brexit?