Zombieland Saga #08 — Consistency in Character Design

November 22nd, 2018


Frankly, I think I prefer the times when he looked like a mandarin on a dresser.


Imagine how much better this show would be if killing dudes was on the table. Hell, they still could've at least pretended that the whole thing was about keeping 'her' past from catching up with the twist that it was actually about not letting everyone know that she's a he. Instead, we just dump out everything about halfway through the episode and… that's it. The cutesy girl has a dick and nobody really cares. Her dad just goes "eh, you just look like her" and moves on. The only real joke of the episode is thta she died because she had an aneurysm from finding her first beard hair. The last goddamned third of the episode is nothing but montages and another song and dance routine; pure asinine fluff.

It almost tempts me to keep up with Million Arthur… until I remember that out of five episodes, one was about how hilarious kidnapping and molesting little girls is, another was about how silly going on a mass shooting spree is, and the most recent featured a sendup (ie, just remaking) OtoBoku/Marimite with them infiltrating an all girls school, only to discover that a girl with an Excalibrush is brainwashing people into gay porn. Thankfully, someone finally started subbing it, so we can put that behind us forever.

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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    All this over a character that in the six episodes I watched (I fell asleep during episode 7) has barely spoken ten lines, on a show that is basically shittier Love Live.