Zombieland Saga #06 — Tragic Stupidity

November 8th, 2018


Emphasis on stupidity.


Another episode mostly devoid of any purpose or point. I guess it was supposed to be the first in an arc centering on the two former idols, both angsty because they have their own ideas of what idoling should be and sometimes you have to do something that's not completely in line with that. We could be using, you know, the zombie aspect to drive that point home, maybe murdering some fan or doing something really unsavory, but no. It's doing a meet and greet with fans that's A Bridge Too Far and sends one into a crisis of idolness, which, in turn, sends the other into a crisis of idolness. How are we only halfway into this stupid thing? How are we already halfway in and just ditching the zombie thing?

Also, one died because their plane spontaneously blew up. The other died from performing in the middle of a thunderstorm and being struck by lightning. You'd think either of those would be indeliably etched into the public memory. I'm pretty sure if the Big Bopper showed up today as an up and coming rock star, people would notice. And if you thought that was the direction they were going in with the cops, you'd also be wrong. Both backstories are just spat out at the end, and have jack squat to do with anything else. They were just angsty, and since they're angsty, here's another point in their existence where they were also angsty.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    Did this show have two different writers? There seems to be half the show that takes it as “it’s an idol show, but they’re zombies and that’s kind of quirky?” and treats it as an idol show which is pretty meh outside of the MC being super cute.

    But then you have the other half of the show which totally embraces how stupid the concept of “they’re idols but zombies” is – like, that these girls’ deaths happened as a result of a plane straight up exploding as opposed to a horrific crash, and the other girl got struck by a massive lightning bolt and got burnt to a crisp were actually so ridiculous they should have crossed the line into black comedy, and it would have worked. Hark back to the first girl not just getting hit by a truck but walloped by the biggest ol truck they could find, somebody clearly gets how dumb this is. Let that guy do everything.

    What might have killed Tae? Tae isn’t somebody who contracted a disease and died in a hospital bed, Tae definitely died from something so dumb it can’t even be tragic.

    • Aroduc says:

      I still remember when they advertised it’d be a totally different kind of zombie show.

      And how people were saying that meant it’d be idols vs zombies.