Zombieland Saga #05 — Method Acting

November 1st, 2018


Tae is the only character here I want to see succeed.

Since someone complained and it's been nearly a decade without any significant design or technical changes to this blog, I turned on a basic lightbox for images. So now is apparently either the time to get in your requests, or to tell me that you hate it and convince me to disable it. 2010 was clearly the pinnacle of web design anyway. 
Edit: Oh, it broke my RSS feed. Lovely. Well, something to look at tomorrow then. Disabled for the interim, but feel free to complain or request regardless.


Another mess of an episode, or more accurately, two episodes. You'd think from how they advertised it as being a baseball deal, and started out with baseball stuff, it would involve baseball in some way, but that was the start and end of it. The first half had them filming a chicken commercial. Could've gone all sorts of ways with that. Instead, they just did it. Then ranted about how they weren't getting into the spirit of chicken enough until they just… stopped and completely dropped all of that. There was an MJ impersonator dressed as a chicken. I guess that was… something, sort of? Then for the second half, they played in the mud. No Takeshi's Castle parody was this. No focus on any particular character. No challenge to overcome. Just a montage of them all splashing around in the mud until it was over.

What happened, Mappa? Did you run out of ideas after the rap episode? Did the producers get a little too scared that you might piss off the idol industry? Even those things aside, there's not even a character focus anymore. Not even Japan's insipid friendship or DO YOUR BEST messages being spouted off. What was the point of the last couple episodes?

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Artyq says:

    Thanks for trying to implement a lightbox, too bad it messed up the site’s RSS! Hopefully not too much work to get it working soon.

    Now, if we’re doing requests:
    How about that responsive design so my monitor’s width gets used more efficiently and for a better mobile experience… jk ;)!

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Judging by the restaurant owner’s awful voice acting, I realized that this is an actual advertisement for an actual restaurant.

    So, the show is just advertising Saga now, instead of doing anything actually interesting.