Ulysses #08 — Arc Interrupted

November 25th, 2018


Is anybody in this show not immortal?


It would be hard for an episode to be worse than the last one, and I can't say that this one really threatened it, but it was still pretty atrocious; a parade of "Oh no, we face an insurmountable challenge" quickly followed by a deus ex machina or simply montage past it.They introduce a new antagonist, yet another male-named princess, and she does nothing whatsoever but shoot one arrow then fall out of a tree. Richemont's brother spends most of the first half being a pissy brat before declaring that he'll heroically sacrifice himself because he has a messiah complex, only for that to be thrown out approximately fifteen seconds later and I guess he just loves his sister soooooo much. Was that really the lesson to be learned here? Was that supposed to be his character arc? Probably.

So we jump from there over to Monmon doing what he does best, being taunted and making indignant faces. What does he do this time? The same thing he does every time. Nothing. Richemont shows up so he can leave and we just drop that entire side of things. So we go to Jeanne and get a big spiel about how hard it will be to break in during the siege, yada yada yada. And then one quick montage later, they're inside and the entire Jeanne-is-dead arc is done. One 'main' character never showed up for it, and most of the rest just wandered off to have a huff before coming right back. They didn't even have the grace to beat an antagonist at any point.


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