The Girl in Twilight #09 — And Here’s Our Twilight Jail

November 26th, 2018


Pfft. Like this show has the cajones to kill anybody, even parallel anybodies.


As the infodump in the first half went on (and on and on and on), in between its protestations that things it passed off as commonplace before (being an Equalizer) were actually super special, you'd think the direction it was leading in was pretty obvious. Here's where we've locked up the Twilight in a permanent lockdown. Here's our big room where we imprison all the random Twilight we've hunted down across all the worlds in one place. Here's the key to keeping all of it totally locked up. Oh, also, the lord of all Twilight is here for some reason. What could possibly be going on? I suppose it still might go in that direction, but it feels like they were building towards something obvious and then just kind of forgot to follow through.

A lot of the episode just felt kind of flailing, which is par for the course, especially this season. The first 15 minutes was almost entirely infodump, but not seemingly to any particular purpose, and then it ends with the promise that now things are super serious and Asuka2 super sacrificed herself and her entire world, yet doesn't provide any direction for things to go into what will presumably be the final arc(s). Yu and YuTwo end up in the same body, but that's used only for a couple gags, and I guess they should be apart again after leaving? They pick some random kid out of the crowd and declare him to be an important side character, but his point in the episode was also just a couple gags. Here's super duper special versions of your walkmen, and I promise more exposition about how they're special later, but eh, another episode perhaps. And *gasp* who could the Twilight king possibly be!? It is truly a mystery.

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  • Milenkov says:

    That last screencap in the highlights looks so weird… less “I’m running for my life from a terrifying monster” and more “I almost slipped and am trying to keep my footing”