The Girl in Twilight #08 — Pure Padding

November 19th, 2018




What is there even to say about an episode like this? They sure did call back in cosplay and quasi-cameo to past episodes? They sure took a bath? It was merely 5,000% hamhanded the way they were all talking about how much future they have and how they're all going to do things? That the family melodrama with each of them having a tantrum about how the other doesn't understand the depth of their empathy of each other hits both the insipid and idiotic angles? With her heretofore completely absent father no less, who I guess exists only for that one scene telling her that she should live her own life, but no, he doesn't understand how she feels and should respect her obviously well-thought out teenager dream to stay at home forever.

You certainly can make hay out of this kind of "You don't appreciate how much I care about you" crap. I'm pretty sure that's how Supernatural (really, virtually any CW show) stays in business. We've got to have more than just throwing tantrums about it though. Take it to an unhealthy level. Get hopped up on interdimensional demon juice. Sleep with some dude. Kill some dude. All three. It's especially idiotic when every episode so far has been "Yo, how great will it be to leave home and go on wacky adventures!" But no, Asuka's going to throw a fit about how her dad wants her to leave home and go on adventures. And Asuka2 is going to give a maudlin speech about how great it is for people to have mundane futures instead of going on adventures and having the powers of demigods. Writers, please. 

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