SSSS Gridman #08 — Yay! School Festival!

November 24th, 2018


Time for montages!


So, let's spend a while reviewing how zany the twists from the past couple episodes are. Oh, but we're just reviewing them, not actually going to do anything about them. And now there's the cavalry, here to… berate us for even talking about this stuff at all instead of getting ready for the school festival. Oh, but here's Akane to overtly threaten them. That'll surely get them refocused on doing something about her, right? Aaaand the montage music just kicked in. And now Rikka's throwing a tantrum about how a murderous psychopath who has spent the entire series attempting to murder her friends and associates is her friend. Why? Hell if I know. But… friends! And yet, then we come to the 'climax' of the episode. Akane's monster shows up, right on schedule, and they enact their plan to beat it; do the multi combination thing they tried back in episode 3… and it works without a hitch. The end. Oh wait, here's yet another goddamned montage. 

What do they think they're doing here? The protagonists have been sitting on their hands the entire goddamned show, and it's gotten even more egregious now that they know the source of the monsters. None of the protagonists have come out of the last month better for it, but Rikka in particular has become insufferable. There's not even some Dramatic Problem of the week to fill things out and pretend like some specific lesson was learned or challenge faced. Hey, there's going to be a monster. Yeah, well, we're going to fight that monster. And they beat it without even breaking stride so they can go right back to moping about how a serial killer is their friend because I guess they said they are, and that's good enough


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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ark noir says:

    Gridman show content relevance

    jap kids doing kids stuff> sentai stuff

  • Nick3137 says:

    There was that scene in a bus where Akane told Rikka that she was “made” (or “design”) to be a Akane’s fried. So Rikka’s actions (trying to befriend murderous psychopath) are a little bit justified in universe.
    On the other side, all the logic and common sense vanished this episode. The culprit is known. What should sane protagonist do? Storm Akane’s house and stab her to death with a knife or something. But those guys decided to duel her fair and square, no matter how many innocent bystanders will die in a process.

    • Aroduc says:

      I reject that as just BS. It’s a complete copout, not to mention an excuse robbing all characters of agency or need to follow any logic whatsoever. It’s quite literally the author saying “nothing they do has to make any sense because the author stand-in says so.” It also conflicts with about a billion other things previously.

  • Anonymous says:

    “but Rikka in particular has become insufferable” No, she has been insufferable since day one, she is pretty much only for fanservice, she has no brain otherwise.