SSSS Gridman #07 — My Dinner With Andre

November 17th, 2018


Excuse me, did you just buzzsaw a kid in the face?


Man, Rikka is just getting more and more unlikable every week. Yeah, sure, you found out the person behind all the killings and why she's doing it, but that sounds weird and complicated, so I'm just going to be over here playing Candy Crush. Akane on the other hand they're definitely moving towards some kind of redemption arc with Alexis and Anti each going a bit rogue. Well, mostly Anti. Still wondering what the hell all those things with him and Rikka have been. Not hopeful for a compelling or satisfying answer to that. 

It's not like any of the protagonists came off well this week though. With this newfound knowledge, they spend about a third of the episode recapping it and declaring how crazy it is, but that he's telling the truth. Then Akane just shows up and drags him out to dinner with her and Alexis, but he runs out before anybody did a damn thing. So what was even the point of the first half? To collectively stare like a stunned fish as we did review? I also feel like the reveal of the fake sky or city jammed up there or whatever it was would've been better before some exposition device came out and just told everyone it was all artificial. A whole episode just to reaffirm all of last week's infodump?


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