A Certain Magical Index 3 #09 — Dudes Continue Exploding

November 30th, 2018


This is what you're calling action these days, JC Staff?


I know you have amnesia and that changes everything (in ways we've never once explained or come up in either story or characters), but let me be your friendship power! No, I don't need friendship power. Yes, I can tell that you're a true hero and I love you so much for being a dismissive ass. Now, let's cut over to the main fight where we're going to use friendship power because friendship power is the strongest power of all. *gasp!* You believe in friendship power!? Unthinkable! Now, here I am, the normie dude who is such an awesome guy cause he punches people without the need for magic and friendship power. I will now teleport halfway across the city and magically hold up two thousand pounds of pig iron. Now, everyone gather your friendship power and we can triumph because friendship yay!

Then it decided the rest of the episode would be flashbacks, fanservice, and dudes halfway across the world exploding in between rants, which is a drastic change of affairs from the last two episodes of dudes ranting between exploding. I wonder if it's not too late to just go back to Senran Kagura. There's a 0% chance I'm continuing with this past December with how abysmal this iteration has been. Lord knows I can't have missed anything in T&A Wacky Camp Games and Angst, and I've already watched enough dudes exploding in between nonsensical speeches enough times for at least the next few seasons.

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  • jgoi says:

    I used to care about the story but they took too damn long to make season 3. Now I skim it just to see Itsuwa/the not-itsuwa girls (almost)naked.