A Certain Magical Index #07 — Remix

November 16th, 2018


What a thrilling remix of the first episode of this season.


The thing they should be most embarrassed about in this episode, and that list is more like a litany, is how unanimated the 'fight' at the end was. There were about four attacks in total, one plus one time skip, and literally none of them were shown. At best, you had someone grunt and then it simply cut to them falling over. Even from a narrative perspective, it was literally a dude popping up, declaring himself to be the next miniboss, and then going "I have shown you that I am the next miniboss. Come fight me in Dr Wily's Castle if you dare." 

The other twenty minutes of the episode was one of its token "What if we were a brainless wacky stupid harem comedy" affairs. Uh huh, guys, what if. I suppose it compares favorably to the episodes of nothing but incomprehensible exposition and recitation of the specifics of powers, but it's not any better. When your Buffies or Supernaturals or Deep Space Nines or whatever it is the kids are watching these days want to do a light hearted jokey episode, that doesn't mean all the key staff gets to go home early because we're just going to be going on another whirlwind tour of the tertiary characters so they can all recite their catchphrase and flash some cleavage. Hell, most of these characters haven't even shown up since quite literally the last time they pulled this, a scant six weeks ago. Looking forward to it happening yet again in another month and a half then.

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