Zombieland Saga #04 — The Holding Pattern Inn

October 25th, 2018


So… we really have run out of ideas after just two episodes, haven't we?


Was this supposed to be the take on advertising? Or on pitching some kind of voodoo nonsense product? Or pitching some Umbrella Corp thing? Couldn't we have done some kind of ghost story thing since we're at an inn? Something? Anything? There's a number of directions they could've gone in, but instead, we got a friendship montage, a repeat of last week's godawful CGI dance bit, and a repeat repeat of someone being scared by them. And that's it. That's all. No style parody this week. No focus on any particular character. Nothing. Nada. Just a couple other little scenes of them dancing around and getting high on what's probably either placebo or nicotine patches, but that's where those things start and end.

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