Ulysses #04 — Deus Ex Mob

October 28th, 2018


Boy, we're sure lucky that castle has no guards whatsoever.


It's hard to pick out a stupidest part of this episode. The top two are easy. Monmon gives a big speech about how he won't let it end like this without trying his best. He then proceeds to do absolutely nothing. And then there's how they're rescued. Their mercs decide to raid the castle, and I guess one tavern full of drunks is enough to completely overrun the thing. A distant third goes to all the weird stills in the episode, from the dungeon brawl to Monmon running around. It kept tossing them in like it really wanted to animate some different things, but here's a pseudo-montage instead. We can call fourth place how Charlotte's 'big moment' was how she screamed in terror. It might've worked, had they actually put the effort into showing that she had become numb or dead to it all instead of just mentioning it once off-handedly. Alas.

An anticlimactic end to a poor opening arc. The antagonist never did anything but put a helpless fairy in a bottle and gloat, and the good guys were saved by pure deus ex machina. The obvious point was just to bring the harem back together and make up how angsty things could be just to abruptly reset it back to how it originally was. Some of them, the prison girl in particular, didn't even serve any purpose at all, yet ate up at least half an episode. Feh. It's lucky it airs on Sundays with its only real competition being that goofy Sunrise magic-drug-gun-and-shouting show.

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