The Girl in Twilight #03 — Persona

October 15th, 2018


Mondays suck.


This show is becoming more and more of a mess every single episode. They decided to double down on the primary for this mini arc being a flighty imbecile by immediately having her want to back out of the marriage because it would make her name sound kind of weird. Then it turns out that the guy is pretty much a rapist and is grinning evilly about forcing her to marry him. Then we go further and get a flashback about how her stepfather that she was throwing tantrums about was actually loving, respectful, and largely responsible for her interest in the radio crap that her little friendship brigade is all into. And this isn't even getting into yet another big info dump from Asuka2.

I would say that the only passable part was the fight at the end, and even that was pretty silly, not to mention still the same janky CGI. I get the distinct feeling that someone came up with the wedding dress suit, ring and bouquet weapons, etc, and that the last episode and a half were a really clumsy attempt to justify them. At the same time, you apparently need the magic walkman and a tape formed of your overcoming your inner doubts or some such Persona-esque rot, so it giveth ever so slightly before snatching away in yet another flurry of nonsense. And yeah, "I don't want to marry a rapist who is infected with a swarm of bunny monsters" was indeed apparently the character arc. Good god.

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