The Girl in Texas #04 — Frontier Justice

October 22nd, 2018


Go away, RDR2.


Well, the world this time is certainly more amusing, although certainly not the most creative thing in the world. It's probably a good thing that it's taking more of a wacky lighthearted approach to the Quantum Leap stuff. It's nice that apparently we're handing out the magic walkmans like candy now too, although that begs the question of why do they even exist at all? Oh right, the merchandising.

Then again, the characters aren't getting any better. They may be getting worse, even. Last arc had how childish and shallow one was on full display. This one's going with how much of a doormat another one is. Hell, she even has to be told that the other her really badly wanted to not be a doormat, that's why she went out and… got a job as a deputy? Not exactly aiming for the stars here. Nor did they even really put anything in her way for her to shirk from that she could then overcome later. A few parental figures just gave speeches about how Wild West World is unfair, and that's where we leave things. Not even a real cliffhanger or anything, just some panty and cleavage shots to finish things off. Can't wait for her to Do Her Best next week and resolve… whatever the problem here is supposed to be… unless this is a three episode arc, which… good god, please no.


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