Senran Kagura 2 #03 — Fighting Dirty

October 26th, 2018


A good guy has the utmost respect for their opponent at all times.


And then we come over here, with a show that might have a plot and be moving in a comprehensible direction if it wasn't so dedicated to neither of those things. If they want to do a heel-turn with the former hero, fine. Great. Perfect. Venom the hell out of her. Let's go use these monsters to eat some dudes. How they actually going about doing it? By having characters mope around about how angsty they think she is. How are they showing that she's a heel? She warns her opponent with a mild taunt before she attacks them. Yes, you read that right. Only dark ninjas would dare… *checks notes* … *checks notes again* Uh, are we sure about this? Well, we just got a speech on how that's fighting dirty and being evil. I guess she was supposed to declare that she would never give up or bake them a pie instead of calling them a name. Hell if I know.

That's just a minority of the episode though. Most of it was spent on two other things: Discussing whether or not to join the tournament in the title of the series (spoiler, everyone is), and taking a bath/having a gropefest. Dare to hit the highest heights, guys.

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