Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs #12 — Back to the Beach

September 29th, 2018


The white shirt over bikini is far more attractive than the fanservice jiggling.


I didn't expect much of a finale and it didn't deliver one. Expectations achieved. Right down to the sad piano version of the OP. It did seem like they were sort of trying to make a parellel with helping the two ghosts move on and Yuuna's long-forgotten deal, but A.) They didn't actually really do jack squat to help them besides standing around listening to them explain their crap, and B.) That's what they basically did for Yuuna too. You see, she was lonely before. And… that's it. Weird nightmare. Do the obligatory thing it does every episode. Declare friends forever! The end. In that the episode count has reached its limit. Not in terms of, you know, actually ending anything in terms of story or characters.

Final Thoughts:

I never really expected this to be much more than a trashy fanservice slapstick show, but even for one of those, it was pretty low end. There are plenty in that category that have more of a focus on one or more of the plot, characters, or simply being excessively weird/goofy. This lacked any real ambition in any of those departments; happily just doing the same few things over and over. A shame, because the characters are generally affable enough, a few obnoxious shriekers excepted, but the show just didn't have any interest in either rounding them out as anything more than grope-bait. Even that was stale as it only really had the "trip and molest" trick in its bag.

They could've made at least a decent show out of the skeleton they had here, and in a season that was otherwise pretty dismal, it wasn't the worst thing, but even as far as T&A fests go, you can do much better.

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  • justhere says:

    Feels like to-Love Ru just with an Ghost