Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs #08 — Knifehands

September 1st, 2018


The music got a bit weird this week.


I spent most of the first half playing my usual game with anime these days: "What if this didn't suck?" You wouldn't even need to remove any of the fanservice. Just not spend the entire thing making the dragon guy not such a goddamned joke. He's an obnoxious screaming child. It wasn't funny, and it wasn't adding any weight to the barely-attempted dramatic side of things either. Instead, let them have a real fight instead of a single kick and then a single punch. Well, not a real fight, since the show obviously doesn't have the budget for that, but at least of the almost-animated thing that the second half had.

With the boss-but-actually-the-midboss out of the way, the second half was a bit more serious and about ten thousand times less irritating… at least to start. Things sort of fell apart towards the end when the music went off the rails and they had to half-ass the new girl into the harem too. This is where taking the first half seriously and giving a real triumph or moment of heroism to Kogarashi could've paid off in spades. Alas. It has boobs, ergo it wants his dick. Into the harem it goes. Onward to the next one. 

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