Cells at Work #11 — Undercooked

September 15th, 2018


Impromptu beach party and nobody's in swimsuits? Is this really Japanese made?


Another episode where I sincerely question why they didn't do what literally every other show of this ilk does and show what the human body itself is doing that was causing its case of heat stroke. It's such low hanging fruit and there are so many options for juxtaposing the crisis inside with any number of mundane things. Have it be some dude sweating it off in a sauna, or a woman in a tanning bed. Instead, things just start and end at "it's hot." It doesn't even really focus on all the things the body does when it's hot either, because it's so shackled to its formula that a monster has to appear to flail about. Hooray for formula.

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One Lonely Comment

  • 50srefugee says:

    Where exactly in my body is a swimming pool? Or a beach? Closest I can come to is the bladder.