Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs #05 — Pen Pals

August 11th, 2018


Even taking this as just a brainless fanservice show, this was a particularly brainless nothing of an episode.


The second half especially just reminded me of far better shows that did similar things. Hell, it even teased a little role reversal, but shied away from that joke for just doing the standard strip, trip, and fall crap, trying to rely on the girl forcing him to do it to mix things up enough to make it funny. I remember that sister-obsession show where the gay porn one of them was into involved a pizza delivery to a business man where he started rubbing his nipples with pepperoni. Now that is weird enough to be parody. Fond memories. This was just doing the same thing as before. Put Kogarashi in the dress and lipstick. Go super weird. Something a little different.

The first part is I guess where all the 'development' of the episode went, but even that's just "Yuuna and the muggle want to be friends… and they are!"  We don't need War & Peace for every single story, but there was just nothing here at all, so like the first, it just ends up a framing device to leer at some underwear. It feels like they could've gotten that even better and had some kind of struggle (albeit weak) had they gone through the suggested training routines rather than just jump straight to being pen pals. 

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