Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs #04 — Fast Forward

August 4th, 2018


The en-hareming.


I'm a little surprised they didn't really date up the hell out of the first half of the episode and make that a whole thing. It was almost weirdly to the point, especially for a brainless harem show. We have to pretend to be on a date to lure out a spider that eats clothes. But when you kick out all the characters from the ones that the segment was focused on, don't do a date montage, and have only like two cheesecake shots of them stripped, it's amazing what you can… okay, maybe not accomplish, but it certainly shows that even ten minutes was more than enough to get through the absolute nothing that it was.

The second half was much more of a mess, although it did share the first half's obvious fast forward into harem member for one of the side characters. This is where it decided it had to work in every single character doing their one thing, and then have a sort of date montage. As such, the half character du jour existed only to get sprayed with water and to ask for fish. At least it was brief, I suppose. I guess at least nobody woke up having sex this week, so that's an overall improvement as well, although we'll see if they do basically the same thing next week for the other two females not yet fully ensconced in the harem.

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