Seriously? Jagermeister? #07 — *GASP*

August 23rd, 2018


Sarcasm is all I have left for this show.


You'll never believe this, but Yuliy's brother had just shown up to tell him that he doesn't know the true truth about things, before simply wandering off again. For about the fifth time. This was enough to send Yuliy into a fit of rage at his surrogate father figure and the vampire of the week, who then spent a while doing exposition, at which point Yuliy went Super Werewolf II, granting him full immunity to piercing weapons. Sadly, the vampire is still super vulnerable to piercing weapons and instantly died as soon as he was stabbed. The rest of the vampire swarm? Killed by the police. That's right. The elite squad of the main character's vampire hunting sidekicks? Didn't even get tertiary billing. Vampires are now dying to literally anything and everything. Truly the apex species of this world. You really have to respect how the writers aren't even trying at all at this point. Or perhaps they're letting their ten year old cousins do the writing for them.

Of course, that was only about half the episode. The whole attack/invasion was wrapped up by about the halfway point and the rest of it was the usual standing around, swirling drinks, and muggle discussions about the existence of vampires and/or how they have plans about things. I sure hope it's not a direct assault on the good guys for the fourth time. Nobody will be expecting that! The cliffhanger? Yuliy's feeling sorry for himself… for about the fourth time… so he's off to go angst on a boat. Like everything in this show, it's all so half-baked. Everything that 'happens' does so far off screen and entirely in plotting potentia, not as anybody actually doing anything. Even this "you didn't tell me the whole truth because I clearly couldn't handle it." They try to present it like some kind of betrayal, but honestly, the only interaction I can think of at all between those two in the entire series has been when Not-Dad shot Yuliy for going berserk in the first episode. Sticks and bullets may break his bones, but his feelings will be hurt forever. So he goes running off from his not-friends who he never fights with and hardly interacts with to have some alone time. How this is supposed to change anything at all, I could not tell you in the slightest, but I bet he'll run into his brother again who will take a couple jabs at him before skipping merrily off yet again because we've still got half a season to go.

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